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"Making a Difference for Children and Youth"


                                      About Us

Mission: The mission of A.R.K. Community Development is to bring significant transforming opportunities to poor and disadvantaged children so that the possibility of a new productive and successful future becomes available to them.


Vision StatementA. R. K. Community Development will value its children and youth by ensuring access to quality education, physical, mental, and spiritual development in nurturing environments that enable each child to reach his/her full potential in life.





Company Outcomes:


  • All children will have access to quality early childhood programs 
  • All children and youth will acquire the academic knowledge and job readiness skills needed to succeed
  • Children will demonstrate improved and social functioning in their diverse community
  • Children and families will remain drug free
  • Children will develop character, and self esteem, thereby preventing and or reducing  juvenile delinquency


Services/Referral Resources Include:


  • Tutoring, mentoring, computer skills/training, homework assistance and other educational enrichment activities
  • Information & referral support for access to quality day care services
  • Leadership development, peer support services and volunteer opportunities to help children acquire the skills and talents to develop positive identity
  • Opportunities for social, personal and values development, and diversity appreciation
  • Structured day and after school programs, summer school/ camps, and social kids groups
  • Career awareness, development, exploration, and education
  • Referral support for Crisis Intervention services such as shelter, health care and support for children with behavioral and emotional problems
  • Referral support for intervention programs for truant, dropout, runaway and homeless youth
  • Programs that provide a safe place for youth, and opportunities for adult-youth interaction
  • Structured recreational, sports, arts, crafts and music programs
  • Conflict resolution and non-violent skills development 
  • Health awareness and prevention skills
  • Substance & drug abuse awareness, support group/ referral
  • Safe and affordable housing for homeless children and families
  • Entrepreneurial youth career/job, college readiness skills/Scholarships
  • Job readiness skills/ placement
  • Follow-up family counseling support



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