A.R.K. Community Development, Inc.


"Making a Difference for Children and Youth"


A.R.K. Community

Development, Inc. "A Private Foundation" is an active nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization established in 1999 in South Florida. Our primary focus addresses the poor and needy children and youth in promoting healthy building blocks for overall development, necessary to achieve and to ensure successful and productive lives. 

It should be the focus around the world to restore hope in the lives of disadvantaged children. We say we want better outcomes for the poor, but to make these outcomes real, we must take action to awaken the minds of people about the continued deteriorating state of crisis that is affecting too many poor children and youth globally.


A.R.K. Community Development is a leading independent organization that has joined efforts in alliance with US and International companies to develop real ongoing and lasting change for children in need. With our partners who share our vision for millions of children in many communities world-wide, we work together as one to create positive opportunities for all children to live safe, productive, and healthy lives, rather than their lives being determined for them by poor environments and unfortunate life circumstances.  


  We must remember that the children are our future...


With gratitude, 

Anna R. King


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